Study says 33.3% of Pittsburgh Steeler Fans are Bots on their Main Twitter Page

A study was recently done on who in the NFL has the most fake fans on Twitter. The Pittsburgh Steelers Twitter ranked one of the highest in the NFL according to the study. recently analyzed all 32 NFL teams to find out which organization ranked in fake followers on Twitter.

The Steelers had a 33.3% percentage of fake fans. This puts the Steelers in 12th place among fake fans in the NFL. The Arizona Cardinals came in first at 44.8% which accounted for nearly half of their fan base. Don't tell JJ Watt that news...

Here's the full list of NFL teams ranked based on the highest percentage of fake Twitter followers:

  1. Arizona Cardinals- 44.8%

  2. Houston Texans- 39.6%

  3. New York Jets- 38.6%

  4. New England Patriots- 37.4%

  5. Detroit Lions/Kansas City Chiefs- 36% (tied)

  6. Cincinnati Bengals- 35.8%

  7. Philadelphia Eagles/San Francisco 49ers- 35%

  8. Minnesota Vikings- 34.9%

  9. New York Giants- 34.6%

  10. Jacksonville Jaguars/Denver Broncos/Indianapolis Colts- 34.5%

  11. Chicago Bears- 34%