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Steven Nelson calls the NFL Officials "Sh*tty A$$ Refs," after the Steelers game

Many of the Steelers took to Twitter yesterday after the game celebrating their AFC North Championship. While they were celebrating Steven Nelson took to Twitter and had a few choice words for the NFL Officials that called the game against the Colts. There were several plays the Refs missed that were so blatant even Stevie Wonder could have saw them. One particular play they missed was on Colts Chaz Green holding TJ Watt for an entire play around his neck. That video has been circulating all over Twitter.

Steven Nelson is right to be frustrated with the NFL Officials. They were awful at times during the Steelers-Colts game, but he could be fined for what he said on Twitter. After the game he tweeted out "Glad we won but them refs gotta get new jobs after today stole my pick for what? A free sandwich?" He also tweeted "Shitty ass refs." Good for him because the NFL officiating has been awful this season there is no doubt about it. It's just going to probably hurt his pocket book a little bit in the end.

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