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Stephon Tuitt says goodbye to his former teammate from Notre Dame Louis Nix III

Heartbreaking news swept around the College Football and Professional Football sports world yesterday when it was announced Louis Nix III was found dead in Florida. Nix played football for Notre Dame alongside Stephon Tuitt from the Steelers. He was drafted in 2014 by the Houston Texans. Nix ended up playing football for the Texans, Giants, Washington Football team and ended his career in 2016 with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Stephon Tuitt recently took to Instagram to wish his former teammate Louis Nix III a goodbye.

Tuitt on Louis Nix III: "Another teammate gone too soon. You never know what people are going through because we have such busy lives. IT sometimes takes moments like this to sit back and appreciate your blessing of being able to breathe. Love ya and will miss ya buddy."

Nicknamed 'Irish Chocolate' was missing since Wednesday. He was found dead Saturday. Nix was 29 years old. RIP Irish Chocolate!

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