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Stephon Tuitt's Brother Killed in a Hit and Run in Atlanta Suburb on Wednesday

Much of the Steelers cannot catch a break this offseason. Tunch Ilkin announced his retirement from the NFL to fight ALS and now Stephon Tuitt is learning his brother was killed in a hit and run accident. This is terrible news and my prayers are being sent out to Tuitt's family and friends.

Richard Bartlett III was struck by an oncoming car after he pulled over on the side of the road to help his girlfriend fix her mattress on her car. Once Barlett was struck by the car the suspect decided to turn the car around and see what they hit. Once they realized they hit Bartlett the car then began to run. The police are actively looking for the suspect and are calling the incident a hit and run.

Captain Todd Hood of the Local Police Depart in Atlanta released a statement: “The victim was following a girlfriend in a vehicle,” Hood told the outlet. “She had a mattress strapped to the top of her car. From what we understand, they may have stopped to secure it. She had pulled over to the right-hand side of the roadway. The victim had pulled into the left-hand turn lane right there at the boat entrance to the Chattahoochee River. As he stood in the roadway, he was hit by an oncoming car. We do know that the vehicle turned around in the intersection right there possibly to see what had happened or what they had hit and at that point, they fled the scene."

The police are actively looking for a dark four-door sedan, possibly a BMW according to the Johns Creek GA. Police Department.

I would like to send all of our Prayers to the Tuitt family for having to deal with this situation and I hope they can find peace. <3


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