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Stephon Tuitt on the Playoffs: "This is an opportunity of a lifetime for us"

Many of the Steelers Veterans have been vocal lately saying the NFL Playoffs are not guaranteed every season. They're right. The NFL playoffs are not a given and when you're given the opportunity to make the playoffs, you need to make the most out of it. Stephon Tuitt is in his seventh season with the NFL. He remembers the Steeler's last playoff game against Jacksonville. It was a game the Steelers overlooked. The Jaguars ended up eliminating the Steelers. All they could do after the game was wonder what happened. When it ends, it ends quickly. Then you just think about your mistakes until you make the playoffs again.

Tuitt on the Playoffs: "They don't come around. They aren't guaranteed," said Tuitt on Friday morning. "It's very hard to make it to the playoffs. When you make it to the playoffs, you want to have a great game. That game we had against Jacksonville definitely wasn't a great game defensively for us. When we play the Cleveland Browns, we will make sure we are not in that position. We will make sure we go out there and play great defense."

Tuitt acknowledges that the Steeler's energy is at an all-time high for Sunday's game against the Browns. He says the Veterans are making sure the younger players who haven't played in a playoff game are getting them ready. He personally is making sure they're in the right mindset come Sunday against the Browns.

Tuitt on getting another shot in the Playoffs: "We are super excited," said Tuitt. "These opportunities come few and far between. I am excited to get out there with my teammates. I know my teammates are excited. Ben Roethlisberger already made a statement earlier this year about being able to come out here and give it everything you have. That is the mentality our team has right now and that is what we are going to do."

Stephon told the media this morning they have an opportunity of a lifetime starting on Sunday. He says the Steelers made it into the dance and now they are ready to compete. "The team is focused to make it to the final destination this time around, which is the Super Bowl," Stephon Tuitt said today. He ended the Zoom call saying right now our focus is on the Cleveland Browns standing in our way. Tuitt is motivated and it sounds like the other Steelers are motivated as well. This could be Ben Roethlisberger's last run in the playoffs because the Steelers will look completely different next season. So many of the Veterans know the urgency is real. They realize it's time to bring home Seven to the City of Pittsburgh.

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