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Stephon Tuitt is back in Training Camp and doing everything the Steelers have asked him to do

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About two months ago some horrible news broke throughout Steeler Nation. Stephon Tuitt's brother had passed away after being struck by an oncoming vehicle after trying to secure a mattress on the top of his car. The car that struck Tuitt's brother ended up fleeing the scene in John's Creek, Georgia.

Tuitt did miss the Steelers minicamp, but he has returned back to the Pittsburgh Steelers for training camp. I must say it is great to see Tuitt smiling on the football field after experiencing a traumatic event with his brother. Many of the Steelers coaches and teammates are showing their support for Tuitt as well.

Heyward is one of the closest teammates to Tuitt and said, "I think for us, we just want to make sure we keep him around, It's not easy losing a loved one, especially the way it happened. Tuitt's just getting back up to speed. Everybody's moving at their own pace but we understand it's been a bit of a grieving process. We just want to make sure we take him under our wing. He's getting better but that's not something that happens overnight and something that ever goes away. It's up to us to just be there for him, be someone he can talk to."

Defensive Coach Keith Butler also feels really bad for Tuitt. Butler lost his brother four years ago and knows exactly what Tuitt is going through at this time, but he says Tuitt has done everything the Steelers have asked him to do on the football field so far. The Steelers are waiting to see if he can go out there and play football, but so far the signs are good. Butler thinks Tuitt will be ok going forward.

Heyward said he is going to take Tuitt under his wing and make sure he is going to be ok. There might be some emotions from Tuitt throughout the season, but many of the Steelers coaches and players will always be there for him when he needs it.

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