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Stephen A. Smith tried to Recruit RB Najee Harris to the Steelers

It has become very apparent the Pittsburgh Steelers will be adding a premier running back in the 2021 NFL draft. The question is who will fall to them? Najee Harris has been the most linked running back to the Pittsburgh Steelers during the offseason. The Steelers have met with Harris multiple times and are extremely interested in acquiring his services for the foreseeable future. If Harris falls to the Steelers I believe they should draft him because he is that big of a game-changer.

Harris recently went on ESPN's First Take and Stephen A. Smith tried to recruit Najee Harris to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Smith says Najee Harris is the best running back in the 2021 NFL draft. He didn't stutter when he said it either he was clear as day.

Stephen A. asked Harris if he sees himself becoming a Pittsburgh Steeler down the road because God knows the Steelers need his help... Harris says this is the draft process and he doesn't make the decisions, but the only thing he can control is how he prepares and trains leading up to the draft. Najee did say it would be good to be a Steeler but at the end of the day, Harris says he would like to know where he is going to set up shop for the next couple of years.

One of the biggest takeaways from Najee Harris's interview with Stephen A. is that he will be more than happy if the Steelers drafted him in 2021. That is all I needed to hear. Now the Steelers will need Najee to fall to them in the first round and it should be a wrap. It's time for Najee Harris to come home to the City of Pittsburgh. I hope they make it happen in the 2021 NFL draft.


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