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Steelers won't increase ticket prices for season-ticket holders in 2021

(Photo by Michael Heiman/Getty Images)

Despite the Steelers losing revenue last year with limited or no fans at games due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Steelers have informed season-ticket holders that the prices won't increase for 2021, according to Dave Schofield of Behind the Steel Curtain.

With the league expanding to a 17-game schedule this year, the Steelers will have an extra home game and host the Seahawks. The Steelers will have nine regular-season home games and only one home preseason game in 2021. In past years, season-ticket holders paid for eight regular-season games and two preseason games.

Despite the extra regular-season game, which could have increased the value, the prices will stay the same for season-ticket holders. The Steelers could have tried to make up for the money they lost last year, but wisely decided not to. It's really a classy move by the Steelers in what has been a tough year for everyone. Teams like the Bills, Browns and Panthers have increased the cost for their ticket sales in 2021, according to Schofield.

Also, the Steelers will issue all tickets electronically this year, for the first time ever. In past years, fans could select the paper-ticket option.

The Steelers will host the Ravens, Browns, Bengals, Bears, Lions, Broncos, Raiders, Titans and Seahawks at Heinz Field in 2021.

The preseason schedule hasn't been announced yet and the regular-season schedule is expected to be released in mid-may.

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