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Steelers will move on from Dwayne Haskins before they move on from Mason Rudolph says Labriola

There have been many questions surrounding the quarterback position in Pittsburgh. Will Ben Roethlisberger come back? If Ben retires will Mason Rudolph be the starter? Why did the Steelers sign Dwayne Haskins? Do we really need another problem or distraction in Pittsburgh? It has been reported Ben Roethlisberger is feeling good after the 2020 season and intends on coming back for another year with the Steelers. It is unclear what the Steelers plan on doing to address the Steelers quarterback situation heading into the future. One domino has fallen in the offseason as the Steelers have signed Dwayne Haskins to a futures contract. His deal is a one year deal. This seems like a prove it to us deal. If you mess up once you're out of here.

The Haskins deal is a low-risk and high-reward deal. If it doesn't work out the Steelers can cut their ties and lose absolutely nothing. If it works out in Pittsburgh with Haskins the Steelers get a top 15 first-rounder for virtually nothing. That is a smart move on the Steeler's end. The question was answered this morning with the Dwayne Haskins signing in regards to Mason Rudolph in Bob Labriola's "Asked and Answered column," this morning on Labriola says the signing of Haskins has nothing to do with Mason Rudolph because there is a far greater chance the Steelers move on from Dwayne Haskins before they move on from Mason Rudolph. Especially before Mason Rudolph's contract expires after 2021.

Labriola continues to say, Dwayne Haskins looks more like following in the footsteps of Paxton Lynch than starting with the Pittsburgh Steelers. That is a good point because the Steelers essentially signed Paxton Lynch to the Practice Squad to get a more in-depth look at him rather than leave him out on the wire. We all witnessed how that worked out. Lynch was eventually released. I feel Haskins is more talented than Paxton Lynch and has a much better opportunity to thrive in a Matt Canada offense. It is a win-win situation for both Haskins and the Steelers if everything ends up working out.

Let's just flat out say Mason Rudolph is not the future for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The only reason why the Steelers continue to keep him is that he knows the system really well in Pittsburgh. He has a great deep ball, a great arm, but looks like a statue when working in the pocket. If teams send the blitz toward Rudolph he ends up frozen like an ice cube. It just doesn't look pretty. The sad part is I can see the Steelers starting Mason Rudolph for a few years when Ben Roethlisberger retires because that is the Steelers way. As for Haskins no one truly knows how he will work out in Pittsburgh. It is pretty much speculation at this point until we see it with our own eyes what the Steelers are capable of doing with Haskins. I hope the kid can get his off the field distractions under control and finally get back on track in Pittsburgh.


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