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Steelers will lead the NFL in Cap Space going to 2022

(Karl Walter/Getty Images)

The Steelers this offseason we're in trouble in regard to the Cap. They mostly relied on Ben Roethlisberger in order to get back under and eventually they found a way under. However, going into the 2022 season, they will have $74,945,717 in Cap Room. That leads the league.

However, a big piece of that cap space will be going toward key Free-Agents that the Steelers are going to be wanting to bring back long-term. Some of those key guys are TJ Watt, Minkah Fitzpatrick, JuJu Smith-Schuster, and a final decision on Terrell Edmunds.

That's not all, there are plenty of players the Steelers should look to bring back, however, that is going to be an offseason to watch because that team in 2022 could look very different because the Steelers might decide to go in a completely different direction.

With that cap space, they could decide to bring in some other guys from other teams. Not sure who, I just would expect them to try and bring in a stud with that money they have available.

Still, the cap space that they will have available, most of it will be going to two players. Those players are, Minkah Fitzpartick and TJ Watt. They are more than deserving of those contracts because they are the future of our defense.

The salary cap will go back up. So, I expect the overall cap ceiling to rise. We'll see to what new heights, later in the next league year. As a Steeler Fan, I hope it ends up going back up once again. The Steelers need to be smart with space they have next year and bring back the right people.

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