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Steelers will be "mostly" healthy going into the Playoffs

(Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

The Steelers made it out of Cleveland with no new injuries. Which, is the best news we've got all season. Just to make it out of that very competitive environment relatively unscathed is quite a miracle. The Steelers are going to need all of these players down the stretch and having them stay upright is very important.

Going into the Wildcard, the Steelers will be hopefully getting back Robert Spillane, Boswell and Feiler. However, the Steelers still might be without Joe Haden unfortunately and this has to be a game he is really looking forward to.

Resting those select number of players was the right move. Even though the Steelers lost, they still ended up winning. Now, the Steelers host Cleveland at Heinz Field for the Wildcard. It's much better than having to go to Buffalo or Kansas City. If they win this game, it's basically a free-space of a matchup where they don't need to travel.

However, having Ben back will be a welcomed sight against Cleveland. Mason held it down pretty decently for Ben. However, having Ben's experience will be key in playing this inexperienced Browns team. However, they are not to be overlooked. They will be hungrier than ever. However, I still think the Steelers will want it more than them.

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