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Steelers Week 13 Fantasy Outlook

What’s going on Steelers fans? Hope you all are having a safe and happy weekend. Wednesday’s game against Baltimore was quite a doozy… The Steelers shot themselves in the foot time and time again but still managed to come out 11-0, I’ll take it. As far as fantasy production goes, it was a down game across the board for the Steelers except for JuJu and Ebron. Let’s not dwell on the past too much! Let’s move on to this week’s matchup on Monday against Washington.


Ben struggled last week against the Ravens for fantasy purposes, only posting 14 points. Most of it wasn’t his fault however with countless dropped passes by receiving options, yikes! The Washington Football Team has a stout defense with an excellent secondary. The Football Team ranks number 11 against opposing QBs this season in fantasy points given up per game so I’m projecting Ben to have a pretty solid game but nothing too crazy. I project 20.2 fantasy points for number 7 this week. The Steelers listed Ben as questionable for the game Monday due to a knee issue, but I think we all know that he will be out there on Monday.

Running backs:

Benny Snell had a pretty good fantasy day on Wednesday with 13.8 fantasy points! Washington is pretty good against the rush as well with a pretty solid front 7. They are ranked 12th in fantasy ppg against opposing fantasy running backs. I expect another pretty solid game from Snell this week and hopefully a touchdown, I project 15.6 points for Benny on Monday.

Anthony Mcfarland didn’t see the field too much on Wednesday although he did get some opportunities. He put up only 4.1 fantasy points so it’s safe to say that you do not start him in Conner’s absence.

Wide Receivers:

Our beloved three-headed monster of a WR corps didn’t have a great day against Baltimore. However, they didn’t completely let you down for fantasy. Claypool did the worst at 9.7, Diontae had 10.1, and JuJu led the way with 13.7 fantasy points. This week I’m projecting a much better day for our guys, the only problem is that Fuller will likely lock down one of them. The problem is I cannot predict who that will be, my guess is Diontae Johnson. With all that being said I project 13.4 points for Chase Claypool, 12.1 for Diontae and 11.7 for JuJu! Hoping for a big bounce back from this group.

Tight End:

Eric Ebron was one of the fantasy bright spots for the Steelers this past week posting 12.9 points which are pretty solid for a fantasy tight end these days. Washington is slightly above average against fantasy tight ends this season allowing 9.28 points per game to the position. I will predict a game slightly higher than that for Ebron this week at 10.3 points.

Wrap Up:

Good luck this week in all your fantasy games Yinz! Here we go, 12-0! Thanks for reading everybody, and I’ll see you next week.


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