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Steelers Week 12 Fantasy Outlook

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Hey, Steelers fans! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, even though they moved the Steelers game to Sunday and then Tuesday night. Last week was another great win for our Steelers in another blowout. This time over the Jaguars. It was another great fantasy football day for the bunch as well. With Ben putting up 17.7 not a huge day from number 7 but a solid performance. Diontae Johnson had another huge game with 19.1 fantasy points, and Claypool had another pretty good game with 14.9 fantasy points!JuJu had a down game with only 3.9… tough one for the Birthday Boy! Conner had a good game with 14.4 fantasy points, which was only .1 off my prediction of 14.5! Ebron had also had a good game with a TD with 14.1 points!

Alright enough reflection, let’s hop into this week's matchup with Baltimore!


Earlier this season when Big Ben matched up with the Baltimore defense he had a pretty meh fantasy game, only posting 15.18 fantasy points. Which honestly is to be expected, everyone knows that Baltimore is a very physical grit and grind team that doesn’t allow big plays and for you to just carve them up down the field. I would expect more of the same from Ben this week as far as fantasy points go. I’m predicting a slightly better game for Ben with 19.6 fantasy points.

Wide Receivers:

Man, how special is this WR core? It truly is a pick your poison type of group with 3 very talented guys. The last time they played Baltimore the trio put up some decent numbers. 10.2 points for Claypool in a solid game. Diontae received elite coverage and only put up 1.1 fantasy points in a total no show game from number 18. JuJu had a nice day with 12.1 fantasy points working out of the slot! I predict that this formula will be relatively similar to their last game since it was such a close matchup. With that being said I’m predicting 11.3 for Chase Claypool, 13.1 for Diontae since he’s been on a major hot streak lately, and 10.3 for JuJu since he’s coming off a toe injury this week.

Running Back:

With James Conner testing positive for Covid, he will unfortunately miss this week's game. What does that mean for the other Steelers RBs? Let’s take a look. I believe that Benny Snell and Anthony Mcfarland will see the majority of carries for the Steelers. I can’t really predict which one will be a bell cow but I’m going to project that Snell will see the majority of the snaps. With that being said it can truly go either way and I expect Tomlin to ride the hot hand. For Snell, I will project 10.9 fantasy points. For Mcfarland I’ll project slightly less, and go with 9.1 projected fantasy points. This could be a great look to see what the Steelers backfield could look like if Conner doesn’t return next season! Hoping for big things from these two running backs!

Tight End:

Eric Ebron had his second-best fantasy game of the season last time the Steelers played the Ravens posting 15.8 points! I do expect these numbers to come down though for a few reasons: 1. Baltimore is extremely well-coached and they will likely adjust to Ebron better this matchup. 2. Ebron has been relatively inconsistent for fantasy purposes this season anyway so I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a down game this week. 3. Ebron’s fantasy production mostly comes from touchdowns which are very difficult to predict. With all this being said I don’t think that Ebron has a bad game against the Ravens but I’m not expecting another big game. My prediction for Ebron this week is 10.3 fantasy points.

Wrap Up:

With all that being said, I believe that in most spots the Steelers’ skill positions are in a decent position for some fantasy production on Tuesday! Let’s hope that our men of steel can pull through and make it 11-0. Thanks for reading Yinz, and hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

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