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Steelers vs Titans still scheduled to be played on Sunday

News broke this morning that the NFL had players who tested positive for Covid. The Titans reported three new positive tests for players and five new positive tests for personnel according to the NFL Network. This sent the fans and the NFL into a frenzy this morning.

Roger Goodell sent a memo out to all 32 teams today:

*Players and staff who have tested positive will be isolated, monitored, and given all necessary medical care.

*Contact tracing data has been reviewed to identify any close contacts of players and staff who have tested positive. Those individuals have been isolated and will receive additional testing.

*Game officials who worked Sunday's Titans-Vikings game have been contacted for followup testing and monitoring.

*In-person activities for the Titans and Vikings have been suspended pending further developments.

*The league is exploring the nature of the close contacts to determine where they occurred to identify any additional findings that can be shared with all 32 teams.

The NFL will revisit their Covid-19 plans with all 32 teams. They also will continue to speak with all 32 teams about improving these plans. For now, the Steelers vs Titans is going to be played on Sunday and the rest of the NFL games will go according to schedule.

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