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Steelers team up with Disney to Create Star Wars and Marvel Apparel

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Many Disney fans will rejoice after hearing the Steelers have teamed up with Disney to create merchandise. The Steelers have created Star Wars, Marvel, and Mickey Mouse-themed apparel among other merchandise. Pittsburgh is not the only team to have this type of apparel because the NFL has unveiled their fully licensed merchandise with Disney this week. This is not surprising after the NFL and Disney came to terms on a 'broad agreement' on their media rights over the 2021 offseason.

As part of the new agreement, Disney will be paying the NFL $2.6 billion annually for Monday Night Football. That is 30% higher than they're currently paying the NFL now. Now add merchandise to Disney's list with the NFL. It makes sense for both sides because both are gigantic corporations so why not team up and make even more money together? You can find Disney's Steelers Collection here from Fanatics and Steelers Pro Shop.


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