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Pat Freiermuth is now the Steeler's highest-drafted tight end since Heath Miller in 2005

Going into the 2021 NFL draft the Pittsburgh Steelers had a lot of interest in Pat Freiermuth. The Steelers definitely needed another tight end for the 2021 season and instead of looking for a veteran tight end like Jesse James the Steelers organization decided to draft a very talented young tight end from Penn State. Over the course of the Steelers pre-draft process Freiermuth said he would like to play with the Pittsburgh Steelers because TE Coach Alfredo Roberts was his guy. Well, Freiermuth got his wish and ended up in Pittsburgh.

Pat Freiermuth on being drafted by the Steelers: "I am excited to be a Pittsburgh Steeler. I am excited about where I am. I am excited the Steelers gave me the opportunity. I can promise you and the rest of Steelers nation I am going t make the most of it."

Freiermuth is now the Steeler's highest-drafted tight end since Heath Miller in 2005. Since Heath Miller has retired from the Pittsburgh Steelers they have never been the same in regards to the tight end position. Bringing in a young tight end to pair up with Eric Ebron is a fantastic idea especially with how talented Freiermuth is. Pat will come into Pittsburgh and help not only with catching the football, but he can block exceptionally well and that is something Eric Ebron has not been able to do.

After being drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers Freiermuth said he is a very versatile tight end. He will stick his face in and block defensive ends while going out there and make some plays in the passing game. Whatever Pat Freiermuth is asked to do for the Pittsburgh Steelers he will go out there and do it. Get ready to hear MUUUUUUTHHHHH at Heinz Field!


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