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Steelers sign FA Kicker Sam Sloman

(Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

The Steelers are doing their due diligence and adding in some training camp depth at the kicker position. They are signing Sam Sloman per Tom Pelissero. Sam attended Miami University in Ohio. So, another MAC guy added to the roster currently.

However, this guy most likely will not make the team. He might end up on the practice squad possibly. I definitely do not see him hanging around on the 53-man roster due to Chris Boswell's performance as of late.

Still, we want to welcome Sam to the Steelers with open arms and hopefully, his time on the Steelers is enjoyable and he is able to leverage this opportunity to get him on another roster in the league.

One of his better moments in the league was in Tennesee where he hit a game-winner off the uprights against the Texans. He ended up winning the division for the Titans where they ended up making a playoff run. Still, he was released on January 12th after their season had ended.

Good luck Sam! Steeler Nation welcomes you with open arms! Good luck!


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