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Steelers should Unleash Chase Claypool in the Playoffs

Chase Claypool was voted Rookie of the Year on the Pittsburgh Steelers yesterday. He was honored to be awarded the Joe Greene Great Performance Award. Claypool started out the 2020 season with a bang by getting 4 touchdowns in only his fourth game in the NFL. He then went on to get 10 touchdowns in 10 games which are tied for the second-highest total by a rookie in the NFL.

Unfortunately, Claypool has recently cooled off recently, but it is not his fault. The Steelers are expecting him to do more, but with fewer reps. This was caused by Mike Tomlin limiting his reps from November to December in order to prevent him from hitting the rookie wall. Claypool says Coach Tomlin has been in the game longer so he trusts everything that he is doing in regards to his reps.

"Coach T has been in this game for a lot longer time than I have,'' Claypool said. "Whether I believe in the rookie wall or not, I think he knows what he's doing. I'm feeling good now. What he did, whether it was necessary or not, I feel good heading into the playoffs.''

After next week the Steelers will be heading into the playoffs. It's time to unleash Chase Claypool in the Playoffs. He hasn't hit a Rookie Wall this season and Claypool says he is feeling great heading into the playoffs. Tomlin should not cap him on a rep limit at all. Unleash him. Send him downfield, send him on Fichtner's lovely slants, send him rushing, send him on reverses, use him as a decoy it doesn't matter just unleash the kid already. He has shown he is capable of getting a big workload and it's time to show his full capabilities during the playoffs. This would give the Steelers a better chance of getting deep into the playoffs.

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