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Steelers should bring in JJ Watt

(Steven Ryan/Getty Images)

J.J. Watt is now a free agent. The Texans have decided to release him as they've agreed to mutually part ways. Watt has had a fantastic career and I would think he would be far from done. The only place that really makes sense for him right now would be Pittsburgh.

However, Pittsburgh might need to make some moves to actually be able to afford the man. I don't think it would take a lot. However, it would take above the league minimum. I just don't picture him really going anywhere else other than Pittsburgh.

Watt would provide some much-needed depth for our team and possibly even lessen some of the void left behind from the loss of Bud Dupree in Free Agency. The Steelers would be stupid not to at least try to bring J.J. to Pittsburgh.

Watt has been a staple of the Houston Texans. I am surprised they honestly made this move. It's quite a shame really for him. He meant so much to that city and now they are just going to let him walk away and sign wherever he wants. It's the right move, however, still a shame that he couldn't finish his career in the city he's brought so much life into.

J.J.'s brother T.J. would also love to see him come to Pittsburgh as he posted a GIF on Twitter of The Rock doing the bring it signal in response to J.J.'s post. It certainly would be something else to see all three Watt brothers play in the black and gold at the same time. Would it ultimately happen? Who knows, but the Steelers should definitely do their due diligence.

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