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Steelers Release Dustin Colquitt

(Photo obtained via Getty Images from Joe Sargent)

After hearing from Coach Tomlin that Dustin Colquitt’s punting was not “up to snuff” it was definitely time for the Steelers to move on and try to improve the special teams play. In his short stint in Pittsburgh, he has averaged about 40-45 yards per punt which isn’t too great. It seems the Steelers were expecting more out of him. He’s a fantastic punter who is coming off of a Super Bowl win with the Chiefs. It seems as if he might be at the end of his surely Hall of Fame career and I’m happy he got to spend some time with the Steelers although unfortunately it was a fairly short stint. We at Renegade Blitz wish him well and thank him for his time in the Black and Gold.

As the dust settles, who will the Steelers turn pick to be their next punter? It might be Jordan Berry again after the Steelers brought him back in the building. Jordan on the Steelers has had mixed results. I think he is decent. He was definitely better than what we saw out of Colquitt but still, not the type of production we are looking for.

A sleeper player that Steelers fans are wanting the Steelers to take a look at is Marquette King. He spent time with the Raiders, Broncos and the XFL Battle Hawks who is pretty outspoken. However, he is a decent punter and if he works out the Steelers could reap the rewards of a cheap punter. This might not happen due to age. He is 31 years old and his window is closing on returning to the league. He hasn’t punted since 2018.

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