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Steelers Quarter-Season Position Grades

Quarterbacks A+: This is an easy grade based off of what we have seen from last year out of Duck Hodges and Mason Rudolph who really struggled as a cohesive unit. Having Big Ben back means everything for this team. He is truly the heart and soul and as long as we have him back and he performs like we know he can, we will be in contention for #7 this year.

Offensive Line A-: This unit has been asked to step up a lot with recent injuries in the unit to David DeCastro and Zach Banner. Everyone has stepped up to the plate and we have anymore injuries to that offensive line, I think the Steelers will be alright.

Running Backs C+: The group in itself has been fairly inconsistent. Their “bell-cow” is James Conner and he should remain that for the very near future because he is truly the best they got. He is also an excellent closer. Benny Snell after that excellent performance earlier in the season, he has seemed to fall off a cliff production wise. Anthony McFarland looks promising after getting some touches a few weeks ago. However, Steelers Nation needs to see a little more out of him in order to have out full confidence.

Wide Receivers B+: The Steelers have been really good at drafting receivers. It really shows. The only reason they are not an A is mostly because of Diontae Johnson’s turnovers. Hopefully, we will see this group better and better. So far, when Ben gets the ball to this group, they are able to make a play.

Tight Ends B+: Our Tight-Ends have been having an expanded role as we have moved on and honestly could see a big game against the Browns this weekend. McDonald has put on some extra pounds to be able to block and so far, Ebron has been that receiving threat as advertised. He had a couple of questionable drops against the Eagles but mostly that was just good plays by the Eagles Defense.

Defensive Line A+: Our defensive front has been unstoppable. As expected, we even got better this year because we got Tuitt back after a season-ending injury last year. Cam Heyward who just signed a big contract is looking just as advertised. Tuitt is also looking very solid.

Linebackers A-: Our linebackers as a whole are exceptional linebackers. We have the likes of TJ Watt, Bud Dupree, Devin Bush and you can’t forget about the ever-so steady Vince Williams. These guys are quite simply among the best position group in the league. The tight-ends, as expect haven’t been contained too well with matchups with Devin Bush and his lack of height were certainty exploited. However, he has equally held Is own.

Corners B-: This group is still a very solid despite some questionable penalties that weren’t very necessary. Joe Haden and Steven Nelson are definitely still quite high in the league and they could sneak their way into another Pro Bowl. However, to see this grade improve we need to see these guys get some turnovers and limit the penalties we have seen thus far. Mike Hilton has also played exceptionally these year so far.

Safeties B-: Minkah and Terrell Edmunds in my opinion have been fairly solid thus far. We definitely need to limit penalties but we could see this group hopefully elevate as the season goes on. We are all waiting for that Minkah big play this season and hopefully it is in the near future.

Special Teams A-: The whole special teams’ unit has been good. Dustin Colquitt has been okay. Definitely an improvement over Berry but we will see how he progresses in the Steel City. Chris Boswell has really been solid making kicks when we need him too. Ray-Ray McCloud has been solid and he seems like he will be able to break away for a touchdown sometime this season.

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