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Steelers Part Owner Thomas Tull says he's optimistic fans can 'return regularly' in 2021

The 2020 NFL season was a season like we have never seen before. Piped in fans coming from empty stadiums. It just didn't sound right watching it on tv and it definitely was eerie for the NFL players to play in empty stadiums. Anthony Fauci is on the record saying it is possible the NFL can return to having fans during the 2021 season. Which is great news to hear. The faster we get back to normal the better.

Pittsburgh Steelers Minority Owner Thomas Tull sat down with Yahoo Sports recently. Tull says he is personally optimistic fans can return back to Heinz field regularly during the 2021 NFL season. He did say the prospects of returning to full capacity are unclear at this point though. Tull says mask-wearing, social distancing, and player safety will remain part of the sport going forward.

Thomas Tull on fans back at Heinz Field: "Do I think there will be fans? Is it going to be full? I have no idea. But do I think fans will regularly attend? I'm personally optimistic," says Tull, a billionaire chief executive of the holding company Tulco, who lives in Pittsburgh.

Thomas Tull on having Checkpoints and Player Testing at Heinz Field: "Do I think that perhaps checkpoints and masks might be a part of that equation somewhere? That's not hard to envision. Do I think testing is going to be a part of it, player safety, all those things? Certainly, I do."

This is welcome news to Pittsburgh Steeler fans who not only have season tickets but also fans who want to go see a game in person. The President feels we will not get back to normal until Christmas, but it sounds like fans might be able to come back during the 2021 NFL season. Especially after the vaccine roll-outs.

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