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Steelers open up as underdogs against the Buffalo Bills in Week 1 of the 2021 Season

The Steelers are officially playing against the Bufallo Bills on the road at 1 p.m. on September 12th after the NFL released their full week 1 schedule this morning on CBS. More than likely by the time the NFL has their schedule release tonight we should know most of the dates the Steelers will be playing in 2021 as the leaks are coming in fast throughout the day today.

Bills and Steelers played on December 13th during the 2020 season. The Steelers held their own until the Bills found out they did not have a running game. So by the end of the second quarter the Bills started to pull away from the Steelers. The Bills ended up winning that game 26-15 and one of the big key contributors to the Steelers loss not only was the running game, but they were outplayed physically as well. It seems everything went down hill from that Bills game.

BETMGM released their betting odds today saying the Steelers are 6.5 underdogs against the Bills. That is almost a 7 point spread for the Bills which is a pretty big spread. I think the Steelers and Bills will be much different this time around because the Steelers can control the tempo with Najee Harris instead of having Ben Roethlisberger throwing around the field like a maniac. That will be a big key going up to Bufallo. I would imagine as the game gets closer odds will come much close to a 3 or 4 point spread as the Bills and Steelers will be a very competitive game Week 1.


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