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Steelers not leaving for Buffalo until Sunday Morning

According to Broke Pryor of ESPN, the Pittsburgh Steelers aren't leaving for Buffalo until Sunday Morning. The reasoning behind this is for extra preparation. There is no outbreaks or anything of that nature. So, no need to panic! However, hopefully our players aren't jet lagged or anything like that.

The last time the Steelers did this game-day travel is during Hurricane Sandy when they traveled to New York to play the Giants and left for the game at about 9am. Which factor in the travel time, they arrive to the stadium with plenty of time before game time.

For this situation, the Steelers will take advantage of the extra preparation for this game. Which, might come in handy with the short week and all the injuries from the last couple weeks. It's also nice because now the Steelers don't have to be staying in a hotel for that day. They will play the game, and then head home.

Hopefully, this game ends with a win. It's a very nerve-wracking game with Buffalo playing so hot and us coming off of a loss. Both teams have much to prove in situation. Hopefully, we play a good game and come out on top.

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