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Steelers need to have a strong 2021 Draft

(Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

The Steelers have a very important 2021 NFL Draft approaching them. This is mostly because they are in the worst possible position Salary Cap wise and it will be very important to get some hits in this draft. It would definitely need to be a historic draft if the Steelers have any hope on contending this season. Especially with all the players they are possibly losing.

There are a lot of positions of need for this team. I would say #1 priority for us should be the offensive line and the run-game. If Najee Harris or Travis Etienne is available, I would say grab one of them in the First Round. However, if not, you definitely need to grab an Offensive-Lineman. The Steelers will need the help in order to get this run-game rolling once again.

People might also argue that, if we have one of those generational talents at Quarterback available, should we take them? I would say possibly. Who knows? It's a very tough situation to be in because there are many positions of need on this team and it's all about picking and choose where you find these said positions.

In the years of COVID, the Steelers definitely do have their work cut out for them in looking into these athletes and seeing if they would fit into our culture. However, last years draft had some stars in it that I hope we see happen again this year. Hopefully we get some good mid round players I think that's the sweet need that hit in the first round and then we need 1 or two of those studs in the mid-rounds. That will be important in order for us to compete this year.

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