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Will the Steelers go 12-0?

The 4-7 Record of the Washington Football Team truly does not reflect the team. The team led by their good defense could cause trouble early for the Steelers and Ben Roethlisberger. It is clear that the Steelers will need to be creative in their game plan for this matchup.

Hopefully, the Steelers know not to downplay this matchup. It just got more important with division rival, the Cleveland Browns breathing down our necks with a under-the-radar 9-3 record after defeating the Titans quite handsomely.

The Chiefs also, beat their divisional opponent to move on to 11-1, it is very important that the Steelers are able to handle this team with ease and move on to 12-0. This is going to be one to watch and I’m sure, that Steelers fans won’t be without heart-attacks in this one.

However, this team is 11-0 for a reason. So, hopefully, this will be reflected in this game. Luckily, the Steelers will be playing at home in front of friends and family. It sucks that there are no longer any fans at the game. They are surely missed by all. However, we need to get out of this pandemic.

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