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Steelers Move Down in NFL Power Rankings

The Steelers didn’t play this week due to the Tennessee Titans having a positive test. So, while the rest of the NFL kept on moving, the Steelers had their bye-week early unfortunately.

The Steelers were moved down a slot in favor of the ever-so-hot Buffalo Bills and Josh Allen rolling them to a 4-0 start. Their matchup in December might very well have some playoff implications in regards to seeding if all goes well.

They also might be getting a forfeit from the Titans due to their COVID-19 woes. We here at Renegade Blitz wish all their players the best. However, an outbreak this large should result in a forfeit due to their not being able to play and teams bye-weeks being move around is not too fair.

Still, being this high in the power rankings is great. If we keep winning, we should be able to keep moving up. The Steelers play the struggling Eagles this week and this is a game they should win quite easily. However, this is the NFL and as soon as you play down to an opponent you will lose and you will lose bad.

The key to keeping our ranking is the play of our quarterback. Dan Hanzus’s power rankings really focus on Quarterbacks. The top teams all have top-tier Quarterbacks. Think about it. You have Pat Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, Russell Wilson and Josh Allen. These guys are all balling out right now. Guess who is behind them. It’s Big Ben at #5 and he should be looking for revenge after getting the short end of the stick from the National Football League.

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