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Steelers Hit Top 5 in NFL Power Rankings

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

(Photo via Simon Bruty from Getty Images)

These never mean much, but when your team is in the top 5, Specifically, they are in rank 4, one spot above the Seattle Seahawks. I believe it is worth talking about. After starting 2-0 and looking to start 3-0. The Steelers have hit the fourth spot on this list. The NFL Writer of this article was Dan Hanzus who is on the “Around the NFL Podcast” and he also writes for “Around the NFL” He is a pretty interesting guy and I would recommend checking out the “Around the NFL Podcast.”

He is very high on the Steelers wide receivers. Thinking that they will only get better which we all can get behind. He writes that “The Steelers are scary.” Mostly because of the performance of their defense and having Big Ben back.

If the Steelers beat the Texans, I expect them to move up another spot on this list. Although, this list really does not matter it just is great to see us among the NFL’s best teams and it is humbling to know that we still have a long way to go and these rankings do not matter. We just need the offense to continue to evolve and the defense to keep it up. We just need to keep #7 upright to reach Super Bowl #7. The sky is the limit for this Pittsburgh Steelers team.

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