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Steelers haven't had a losing season in 17 years; the next closest team is the Seahawks at 9 years

(Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

The Steelers haven't had a losing season since 2003, which is the longest streak in the league at 17 years. The Patriots previously held the longest streak up until this past year when they finished the season 7-9.

Warren Sharp of Sharp Football posted a tweet today with all 32 teams and the number of years it has been since they've had a losing season. The second-closest team to the Steelers are the Seahawks, who haven't had a losing season in nine years. So, there's a pretty big gap between the Steelers and Seahawks when it comes to consecutive non-losing seasons.

While the Steelers have been incredibly consistent and competitive within the last 17 seasons, they are 3-6 in the playoffs since the 2011 season and have lost their last two playoff games, both of which were at Heinz Field. In those two losses, the Steelers allowed 93 total points.

With the Steelers having the toughest schedule in the league in 2021 based on their opponents' combined record of 155-115-2 (.574) in 2020, a lot of the pundits believe they won't make the playoffs and some even think they'll have their first losing season since 2003. Adam Schein of CBS Sports said he can't find six wins for the Steelers on their schedule in 2021.

Schein also said that he thinks the Steelers will lose every game from Week 11-18, losing to the Chargers on Sunday Night Football in Los Angeles, at Bengals, Ravens at home, at Vikings on Thursday Night Football, Titans at home, at Chiefs, Browns on Monday Night Football at home and at Ravens.

Steelers free safety Minkah Fitzpatrick on Instagram Monday said "I love it" in response to the Steelers have the toughest strength of schedule in 2021.

Steelers defensive tackle Cameron Heyward and cornerback Joe Haden don't mind having the toughest schedule in the league, either. Both tweeted about the schedule following the release of the Steelers 2021 schedule last Wednesday night.

"Let's quit whining about a damn schedule and get the hell to work," Heyward tweeted.

Haden had a similar message.

"If u scared say you scared!!! I don’t give a damn who we play!!! Line it up," Haden tweeted.


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