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Steelers have just a 21% chance of making the playoffs

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

(Screenshot of Steve Kornacki on NBC)

While it wasn't pretty, the Steelers kept their playoff hopes alive by beating the Titans, 19-13, at Heinz Field on Sunday. However, the odds of the Steelers making the postseason are still not favorable, as they're in the mix with several other teams, and their tie against the Lions in Week 10 is starting to come back to haunt them.

Steve Kornacki of NBC has the Steelers playoff chances at just 21%, which is the lowest among the seven teams who are fighting for a playoff spot in the AFC. The Browns are at 40%, and the Ravens have a 50% chance of making the playoffs. Cleveland and Baltimore are just ahead of the Steelers in Kornacki's odds.

The Chiefs have won seven straight games and are10-point home favorites against the Steelers on Sunday, according to I'd honestly be shocked if the Steelers pulled off an upset at Arrowhead. That means the Steelers would have to win their final two games against the Browns at home on Monday night and then beat the Ravens on the road to even have a chance at the playoffs. And 9-7-1 still might not be good enough because of the tie to the Lions. The Steelers could win the division at 9-7-1, but they would need every team in the AFC North to lose two of their final three games. The Browns (7-6) still have four games left, as they play the Raiders at 5 p.m. on Monday.

Update: The Browns lost to the Raiders, 16-14. The Steelers are now in the ninth spot in the AFC.

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