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Steelers fined $250K, Mike Tomlin fined $100K for not properly wearing masks against Ravens

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

(Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images)

The NFL fined Mike Tomlin $100,000 and the team $250,000 for not wearing masks during their 28-24 win over the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

As you can see in the cover photo for this article, Tomlin is pictured talking to players with his mask around his neck and not covering his nose or mouth. Tomlin has been really diligent in wearing a mask this year and adherent to following the COVID-19 protocols set out by the league, so it is pretty surprising that the league docked him $100,000 for not wearing a mask. Perhaps, Tomlin just slipped up on Sunday in a heated contest against the Ravens.

“I’m just thankful to be working,” Tomlin said, via Teresa Varley of the team website on Sept. 22 when asked about wearing a mask and following COVID-19 protocols. “A lot aren’t able to in this pandemic. I don’t take that for granted. I just want to show a good example and show I am thankful for working. I try to be as diligent as I can."

The Steelers are the third team to be punished for violating protocols relating to COVID-19. Jon Gruden and the Raiders have been fined numerous times, most recently this week being docked $650,000 and losing a sixth-round draft pick in 2021. The Titans were also fined $350,000 in late October for violating COVID-19 protocols.

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