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Steelers Defense Dominated the Giants

The Steelers Defense might be even stronger this season. With Ben Roethlisberger back this makes for a special team if they can continue to stay healthy. Steelers defense were swarming Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley relentlessly. It looked like the Steelers were having fun out there. Although the Defense allowed one long Touchdown pass they held the Giants Stud Runningback Saquon Barkley to 15 carries and 6 yards for the entire game!

The Steelers started very slow which is normal typical Steeler Football until they decide to hit the gas pedal and take over the game. Every time Saquon got the ball it looked like multiple players were hitting him at once. Looked like a bunch of bees swarming their prey. The long pass that broke down the Steelers Defense was a 42 yard Touchdown from Daniel Jones to Slayton. This was rare and has not been seen in this Steelers Defense. The Giants took a 10-3 lead on the Steelers and that was all she wrote. The Steelers ended up scoring 23 points and winning the game 23-16.

In the 3rd quarter the Giants did have a long drive, but Bud Dupree blocked a pass by Daniel Jones and it ended up in Cam Heyward's hands for an INT. There were times when the Steelers would blitz and not one man would touch that Steelers player on the way to hit Daniel Jones. Mike Hilton made a significant blitz where no one touched him. He had a clear shot at Daniel Jones and he took it. That is Vintage Mike Tomlin Football.

What a Special game from a Defense that looked like the Best Defense in the NFL. Mike Hilton, Stephon Tuitt and Vince Williams had sacks. Bud Dupree was running around the field like a maniac and deflected a pass. Cam Heyward and TJ Watt both had Interceptions. The Steelers Defense looked like a Super Bowl Defense and as the season goes on they're going to be even Scarier.

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