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Steelers Decline fifth-year option on Terrell Edmunds

(Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

In a mildly surprising move, the Steelers decide to not use the fifth-year option on safety Terrell Edmunds. This was first broken by Tom Pelissero on Twitter. Edmunds would have made $6,753,000 on the fifth-year option.

Just last week, the Steelers activated Minakah Fitzpatrick's fifth-year option which was honestly a no-brainer. Still, I am mildly surprised that the Steelers didn't go ahead and just activate Terrell's option just to sure up our secondary.

Terrell Edmunds hasn't been perfect for the Steelers, however, he plays a pretty challenging position on our defense. I'm hoping this year we see some improvement and perhaps the Steelers will decide to invest in him long-term.

Still, the future is in Minkah. The Steelers gave up a lot for him and he is the priority here. I still wouldn't count out the Steelers on bringing back Terrell for another couple of years. I just think he needs some competition in order to get that extra push.

There aren't a lot of players behind him on the roster right now. So, honestly, he isn't really in trouble this year. However, I think the 2021 season will be his last chance to prove to the Steelers that he belongs.

Jarvis Jones, Artie Burns and Edmunds are the only Steelers first-round picks who have not received the fifth-year option since it was instituted in 2011.

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