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Steelers are the only team in the NFL to have 3 players in PFFs Top 10 with Total Pressures

Not long ago the Steelers defense was on the football field causing destruction in their path. In fact, they're the first team in more than 30 years with four straight 50 sack seasons. The last team to accomplish this statistic was the New York Giants from 1985-1988. TJ Watt should also win the Defensive Player of the Year Award on February 6th as well. There are many great statistics and honors coming for the Steelers defense, but the one thing they're missing is a Lombardi Trophy.

According to Pro Football Focus, the Steelers currently have 3 players in the Top 10 with total pressures in the NFL. Those players are TJ Watt (73), Stephon Tuitt (71), and Cam Heyward (62). That is quite impressive. The Steelers defense as a whole led the NFL in total pressures throughout the 2020 NFL Season producing 203 rushes. That is why their defense is called Blitzburgh. If only one day the Steelers defense can finally hoist the Lombardi trophy then all of the statistics and accomplishments will finally be backed up as a Championship Defense.

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