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Steelers are having fun again

(Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

This is the most important thing for this team. After the week with all the drama and the tough losses, it’s nice to see a win and see the guys smiling again. After winning 11 games straight you could tell the Steelers’ were having the time of their lives.

However, in order to continue to win, I will say the cliché, you need to know how to lose. The Steelers definitely understand how it feels to lose. Especially when you lose to the Washington Football Team and the Cincinnati Bengals. The Steelers now are back on track going into the playoffs and week 17.

So, if we decide to rest our starters against the Browns, just go out there and let loose and have some fun. Let’s beat these Browns so we can knock them out of the playoffs. Stay hot so we can potentially go into the playoffs and make some noise and not be one and done.

This team deserves this. It had to be hard, just not winning games after that winning streak. I know that I felt as if the season was over after that. They just looked so defeated. That would’ve been one of the worst collapses in Steelers history.

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