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The Steelers are going to take the Opportunity to Teach instead of having Contact during their OTAs

Voluntary OTAs will be starting up with the Pittsburgh Steelers for the 2021 season soon. Typically the Steelers love to get onto the football field right away, but it seems like they're going to take a different approach during 2021's OTAs. Brooke Pryor says to not expect the Steelers to work in 11-on-11 periods as the Steelers are going to try and eliminate contact.

The Steelers brought in a new offensive coordinator so they will take the opportunity to acclimate Matt Canada with the new offensive scheme by teaching it in a classroom before heading onto the football field. Some 7-on-7 periods may occur later in OTAs according to Brooke Pryor, but right now the Steelers are focused on getting classroom work done first. OTAs are set to run through June 10th. Mandatory minicamp will be hosted in Pittsburgh from June 15-17.

Tomlin says the Steeler's goals this offseason will be to get an assessment of conditioning and for the team to have an opportunity to display their conditioning. The Steelers want to see how their team can take in information individually while utilizing their teaching tools in an effort to get to know them from a teaching and learning perspective. It will be interesting to see how the Steelers will handle their team going forward because they have several new coaches and players coming in during 2021. Hopefully, it changes for the better because the Steeler's offense was atrocious in 2020.


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