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Steelers are ‘For the Brand’

(Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

The Steelers made a good move this draft and addressed the special teams' side of the ball. Specifically, they drafted Pressley Harvin III. He is a Punter out of Georgia Tech.

Pat McAfee, a resident Yinzer loves this move by the Steelers. Check out the video of what he has to say about the Steelers pick.

Jordan Berry has been with the Steelers for quite a long time now. So, it will be nice to address the position and perhaps provide some competition. Jordan Berry was solid down the stretch last year, however, we just need some consistency and youth in the position.

Pressley Harvin was without a doubt one of the best punters in the ACC. So, safe to say he will have a decent shot at becoming the Steeler's Punter by Week 1. I’m hoping that’s the case. He’s got a good arm and an even better leg. He won the Ray Guy award as well. That definitely means something and I hope the Steelers don't squander the chance to get a decent punter.

He’s listed at 6’0” tall and weighing in at 255 pounds. The man is an absolute tank. I think if he can translate well into the NFL, I think he could be the punter that the Steelers have been missing over the years.

I’m hoping he can take well to the NFL and he will eventually be our punter. I hope it’s a competition and he earns it. However, if we spent a draft pick on a Punter, I’m hoping he’s pretty good. He’s good in college, I’m just hoping he can translate to the NFL.

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