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Steelers are bringing back Robert Spillane

(Icon Sportswire/Getty Image)

Robert Spillane is expected to sign his tender and be back with the Steelers for the 2021 season. He will be welcomed back with open arms because he has shown that he is able to start in this league and he might actually be a good piece to play on the other side of Devin Bush. This is reported by Brooke Pryor of ESPN who covers the Steelers.

Robert Spillane as outlined by Brooke in her Tweet has performed exceptionally well in his role when Devin Bush went down. Most notably was his pick six against the Ravens. I also have a fond memory of him meeting Derrick Henry at the goal line.

Robert is at the mercy of the Steelers here and has no real pull with other teams. He is playing under the league minimum salary. This is an easy decision for the Steelers to make and I am glad to have him back for next season.

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