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Steelers and Cam Heyward Restructure Contract

(Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

The Steelers and Cam Heyward did a restructure on his contract and were able to free up about $7 million in cap room per Ian Rapport on Twitter. Check out Ian's Tweet below!

This is big news for the Steelers who are obviously hurting on the cap front and being able to free up this $7 million will help out the Steelers greatly. Perhaps this means the Steelers will be able to resign a key player or to go after JJ Watt in Free-Agency.

We will have to see what happens. I expect more moves to be made to free up salary cap as we continue to make it through the offseason. Cam Heyward is still slotted to earn his well deserved $10.5 million plus his signing bonuses. However, he still was able to help the team out.

Thanks Cam! Hopefully soon, the Steelers can get Ben Roethlisberger to free up some money and then the Steelers should be in decent shape to make some moves and bring some players to this team to make us even better.

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