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Spillane on his 2020 Season: "It was more about proving the people that didn't believe in me wrong"

Robert Spillane recently sat down with Missi Matthews of the Pittsburgh Steelers to do a 1-on-1 interview. They covered many topics and one of those topics was about what Robert Spillane learned most when taking over the inside linebacker position when Devin Bush went down with an ACL tear during the 2020 season. Spillane was an undrafted free agent so he knows he needed to take advantage of his opportunity to start for the Pittsburgh Steelers once Bush went down.

Spillane when he finally got a chance to prove his worth in 2020: “I think more so; other people learned about what I could do,” said Spillane. “I’ve always trusted my abilities and instincts. I knew when I was given the opportunity; I would be able to produce. I think that was more about proving the people that didn’t believe in me wrong. I hope to continue that next season.”

The Steelers found a quality inside linebacker when they picked up Robert Spillane. He is an absolute monster on the football field. If Mike Tomlin were to tell Spillane to run through a brick wall I think he would do it immediately. One of the Steeler's best all-around plays in the 2020 season was when Spillane stuffed Derek Henry dead in his tracks on the one-yard line. No one has seen Derek Henry get hit like the way Spillane hit him.

The Steelers have recently signed Robert Spillane to a one-year deal where he signed his tender worth $850,000 dollars. That is a steal for the Steelers to keep Spillane in 2021. It will be interesting to see if the Steelers do end up bringing in another inside linebacker in the 2021 NFL draft or if they want to see Robert Spillane start going into the 2021 season alongside Devin Bush. They're very thin at the inside linebacker position after releasing long-time veteran Vince Williams. The Steelers have many holes to fill in the 2021 offseason and the inside linebacker is one, but I'm glad they locked up Robert Spillane for another season.

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