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South Carolina CB Jaycee Horn would look good in the Black and Gold

The Steelers could be looking for more help at the cornerback position after their 3rd round draft pick Justin Layne was recently arrested and charged with a fourth-degree felony for transporting a firearm and driving on a suspended license. Not only could they potentially cut Layne in the coming days, but they decided to cut Steven Nelson who was their starter in 2020. Many inside the Steelers organization felt Cam Sutton was a better option than paying Steven Nelson down the road.

There is no doubt the Pittsburgh Steelers need as much help as they can get in regards to the offensive side of the ball, but one cornerback would be a great fit for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2021 NFL draft. Jaycee Horn is bringing some Jalen Ramsey vibes heading into the 2021 draft especially with his physicality that he brings on the football field. Many NFL mock drafts have Horn being one of the first cornerbacks to go in the 2021 draft, but Sam Monson of PFF feels he isn't a first-round cornerback.

If Horn falls out of the first round (which I find hard to see) then the Pittsburgh Steelers should draft him immediately if he falls to them. Pro Football Network feels either Patrick Surtain II, Caleb Farley or Jaycee Horn will take the CB1 mantle in 2021. They also feel Horn could be the first cornerback off of the board in 2021 too. So it seems like many draft analysts are all over the place in regards to Jaycee Horn.

Steelers Joe Haden was very impressed with Horn's Pro Day numbers over the offseason. He called him a baller. If anyone would know who can be very good at the cornerback position it would be Joe Haden, so it seems he gave his endorsement to Horn over the offseason. It would be hard to see the Steelers take him in the first round if Najee Harris is sitting there with the No. 24 pick, but if Harris is picked before the Steelers then Jaycee Horn would be an intriguing prospect for the Steelers to look at if he is still on the board in the first round.

"Before the 2020 season, it was possible that Jaycee Horn would slip out of the first round in the 2021 NFL Draft. However, his stellar junior campaign has almost entirely expunged that possibility. The 2021 cornerback class lacks inspiring depth, and even at the top, some teams might not be as high on Caleb Farley, who took the 2020 season off and also has an injury history."

"Horn is one of the most complete cornerback prospects in the 2021 class, and he also brings a number of traits to an uncommonly high degree, most notably, his physicality. Horn is a player who can be generally scheme-diverse and versatile at the cornerback position. His athletic upside-only solidifies his status as a first-round pick. It’s very unlikely that he falls outside the Top 32 picks, and it’s almost more likely that he goes within the first half of Round 1."


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