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Some NFL fans were mad when they saw Judge Judy on Fox instead of the Steelers-Washington game

First, let us just say we are sick and tired of the Seahawks and Bears Primetime games this season. It is getting ridiculous at this point. Yes it is 2020 and Covid-19 has caused chaos in everything we do so we should expect NFL games to be postponed and replayed at a later date, but we expect the games to be on Nationally if they're rescheduled. Well, that wasn't the case yesterday when some NFL fans tuned in to Fox to watch the Steelers-Washington game only to find Judge Judy was on. In fact, the majority of the West Coast got to watch Judge Judy instead of football. What a joke. Especially coming off of a Steelers-Ravens game that had an audience of 11.4 million on a Wednesday Afternoon. The NFL and these networks need to get back on the same page and deliver some football to the NFL fans instead of watching Judge Judy. No one has time for her. We want football and the NFL needs to deliver it even when games are postponed.

Check out some of the NFL Fans upset Judge Judy was on rather than the Steelers-Washington Game.

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