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Should we be worried about Najee Harris's ankle?

(Alika Jenner/Getty Images)

The Steelers have clearly been checking out Najee Harris as their next star Running Back. It is clear he would excel in the NFL. However, he has been dealing with an ankle injury since the end of his campaign at Alabama that he has not given the proper time to heal due to all the preparations for the NFL. This is all per Ian Rapoport.

Now, the big question is will this hurt his draft stock? I do not think so. I think that he is still an in-demand player and that he could go sooner than the Steelers might be picking. This draft could surprise us all and he could potentially go early. I am hoping not. However, he is an Alabama running back, and historically, they are very good.

During his Pro Day, he is going to be running some position drills and according to James Palmer on Twitter, he is going to be running some routes for QB Mac Jones which will be interesting to see. He will not be running the 40-yard dash, which is understandable.

After the Pro Day, I assume Najee will spend more time rehabbing his ankle and making sure he is ready for the NFL level. Being higher in the NFL Draft means that you get more money the higher you are. So, he is most likely trying to improve his Draft Stock and make it hard to pass him up in the draft.

I have heard some Falcon Fan whispers that he could be going to the Falcons if the Falcons decide to trade out of the Top 10 to acquire picks. However, we will see what happens. I am hoping the Steelers can acquire Najee but don’t be surprised if he is gone early in the Draft and the Steelers miss out on Harris.

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