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Should the Steelers trade up in the NFL Draft?

(Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

The Steelers might take an opportunity to trade up in the NFL Draft. However, don't forget, this is the Steelers we are talking about. Still, the Steelers traded up for MLB Devin Bush a few years ago. So far, it looks like the Steelers have won that trade.

So, if I'm the Steelers, do we trade up and potentially try to get a QB at Pick 4? I mean, it's time to start thinking about the future. Especially with the age of Ben Roethlisberger. I just don't know if that would be the right move. This would be a very aggressive move that would take a ton of capital.

Personally, I think the Steelers should trade up to before the 18th pick. This puts them ahead of the Dolphins and leaves them in prime position to Draft Najee Harris. I think Najee Harris could be the player that the Steelers need for years to come.

So, yes, they should if they get any indication that the Dolphins are going to take Najee. However, I wouldn't trade in too many assets for it. I think we need those draft picks for other role players. I think the Steelers know what they are doing. However, we still have plenty of time to speculate.

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