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Should the Steelers Trade up for a QB?

(Sam Wasson/Getty Images)

This is a tough questions. It appears the Steelers just might be all in on Roethlisberger, he seems to be coming back and hopefully at a smaller cap hit. However, there have also been reports that the Steelers and Ben Roethlisberger might not work out.

So, I'd like to think that the Steelers are planning for the future and I'm wanting to explore the possibility that the Steelers will trade up in the draft once again for one of the QB prospects. Personally, I am hoping for Trey Lance. I just have a good feeling about him, he looks like he could compete with the other AFC North QBs in our Division.

However, making this move would be a clear indication that the Steelers don't have faith in Ben. It shows that they are clearly going out of their way to get their QB of the future. It would show that the Steelers could be closing the door on Ben. However, it's not that simple obviously, Ben Roethlisberger is under contract for next season with quite the cap hit and that could hurt the Steelers. We are already in cap purgatory and we have some Free-Agents to bring back.

I won't say if they should do it or not. However, if they do, I won't be upset or surprised. For one, I might be a little excited in seeing our future franchise Quarterback possibly in action this next season. I still think it's unlikely that the Steelers kick the tires on Ben. Mainly because, he has 41 million reasons to come back and play again.

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