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Should the Steelers trade Cam Sutton?

(Photo obtained via Getty Images from Justin Beri)

After all of the stuff last night dealing with Cam posting a peace sign and “stay tuned” we now know that Cam Sutton is still a Steeler… For now… It was a very strange day thinking of all the possible scenarios in my head of why the Steelers would trade Sutton and where he could go and what we could get.

I didn’t think the Steelers should’ve traded him especially since Mike Hilton was just injured. While Hilton was injured, Cam Sutton balled out and really showed that he belonged on this team or that he deserved a shot to be a starter on another team. In this small sample size last Sunday or the other moments, he’s had a shot. He has been a very solid player for this team.

If we were to trade him, I would want to get a good return. I would potentially want Avery Williamson of the Jets or Deion Jones of the Falcons. Other than that, I wouldn’t even pick up the phone. He’s too much of an asset for this team at this stage. I’m personally glad that Cam Sutton is here to stay. Who knows? We might need him again. So, unless it's for any of those guys. Just hang up the phone.

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