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Should the Steelers sign Duke Johnson?

(Tim Warner/Getty Images)

There is another player from the city of Houston that is now a Free-Agent and this time it is not a Watt brother. Still, this player could prove to be useful for the Steelers if they use him right. That player is Duke Johnson who seemed to have been underutilized in the struggling Houston team this past season.

I think the Steelers could use him well in the Matt Canada Offense. For the right price of course... Personally, I like to think of this move as the move to made if the Steelers are not able to get Najee Harris or another top tier Running Back in the First Round. Also, if we lose James Conner in Free-Agency he could act as a good replacement.

Duke Johnson has great hands who is great at catching balls out of the backfield and another change of scenery might be just what the doctor ordered here. So, if the Steelers can get him on a two-year deal or a one-year deal why not? I think he might excel in our Offense if he is put in the right position.

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