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Should the Steelers sign an Edge Rusher before the Preseason?

(Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

The Steelers showed interest in Ryan Kerrigan who was just earlier yesterday signed to the Eagles for a 1-year contract worth 3 Million. Did the Steelers miss out on a solid Edge Rusher for that price? Possibly. That would've been a sneaky good signing by Colbert and Tomlin.

Still, there are many Free Agents that the Steelers could possibly bring in for depth. This doesn't mean you have a lack of confidence in Alex Highsmith. This means that the Steelers need some extra depth behind TJ Watt and Alex Highsmith. It would be nice to add an extra guy with experience. Here are some of those guys.

Anthony Chickillo

Aaron Lynch

Melvin Ingram

These guys all will vary in price. Melvin Ingram would probably fetch a decent 1-year deal while trying to set himself up for the future and trying to possibly get one last contract. If I'm Melvin though, I would just return to the Chargers and play with Justin Herbert who has a bright future ahead.

The Steelers need to add some depth or find some at the bottom of their roster. Quincy Roshe shows promise. Still, Bud Dupree is a massive loss and he will be missed dearly. However, we wish him the best in Tennesee.

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