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Should the Steelers play their Starters in Week 17?

The biggest debate this week among many Steelers fans and the media seems to be whether the Steelers should play their Starters in Week 17? Mike Tomlin was asked this question after the Colts game, but he didn't tip his hand. Tomlin said the Steelers will ponder the possibilities of starting or resting their starters the morning after the Colts game. In the meantime, he wanted to enjoy celebrating the AFC North Championship with his hat and t-shirt.

Securing the #2 seed will ensure a second home game in the playoffs. Granted Heinz Field will be empty because fans are not allowed inside the stadium due to Covid-19 restrictions, but traveling on the road can be a pain. The Steelers can win on the road as well. They proved this by beating the Titans and the Ravens on the road this season. By the way who wouldn't want to sleep in their own bed prior to a playoff game? The Steelers also caught fire heading into the Second Half against the Colts, wouldn't you want to see them continue to stay on fire heading into the Wild Card Weekend?

On the flip side of things wouldn't you want your team to get some rest in Week 17? After all, it is AFC North Football and injuries are more prevalent during those games than any other game it seems. Bud Dupree tore his ACL against the Ravens and Devin Bush tore his ACL against the Browns both in AFC North Football games. Granted those two injuries were non-contact injuries, but still, it would be better to play it safe than sorry heading into the Wild Card Weekend. Ben is also 38 years old. Give the guy some rest. It has been 13 straight weeks of football for the Steelers. You could wrestle back and forth with this debate all week long, but ultimately it is up to Coach Tomlin on what he wants to do in Week 17. That is why he gets paid the big bucks. If it were up to us we would rest the starters and let Mason Rudolph win his Super Bowl by getting revenge on the Cleveland Browns.

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