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Should the Steelers pay Bud Dupree?

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

(Photo via Jennifer Stewart from Getty Images)

Dupree has been playing lights out from last season and that still translated over to this season. However, with a usual tense cap situation, it might be hard to keep everyone together next year. T.J. Watt, JuJu Smith-Schuster are some of the more notable free agents over the next few years. It’s just going to be very hard to pay everyone. So far, the future salary caps haven’t been too impacted by COVID-19 however, we might see more changes as this pandemic goes on due to the loss of revenue. We can look for a contract worth over $75,000,000 and possibly even more for Dupree. I would personally say, he has earned every penny.

The Steelers have the 4th highest paid quarterback currently in Ben Roethlisberger, so if takes a pay cut or rides off into the sunset this year, that gives us the best possible chance to pay everyone. Still, I think Ben will play next year, so that’s not going to happen. We all saw that Bud Dupree against the Giants who was playing lights out and being essentially unlockable. Although he didn’t get any sacks, he still had pressure almost every play. If he continues to play at that kind of level, it will be very hard to pay him the price he will demand.

Bud Dupree has earned every penny he will eventually earn. When he came to the Steelers from Kentucky, he was still very good. However, he had a few technical issues with his play, some fine tuning really turned him into the player we see today. He deserves all the credit though, he’s the one who put in the work and studied the tape. So, if he does end up leaving, I will be very happy for him because of him getting his money. As long as he’s not coming after our team…

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